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If you're interested in listing an ILO with us, you can start the process here by filling in our online form below. We recommend you first get a quote from to check your ILO works.

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Your company details

Your company name should be identical to your registered company name. This will be displayed in your public profile.

A description of the technology, product or service, what makes the it unique, why people should buy your ILO.

Give a brief overview of the sector and your product or service here.

The symbol your company will be traded as. For example ILO Exchange might want to use “ILO”. We would like you to limit it to around 4 or 5 characters in length.

Please upload a business plan.

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How it works


First year of the contract

During the first year of the ILO contact period you can use the money that was deposited as a signup fee to expand your company and fund operations. During this time you have no obligations to the buyer other than maintaining the terms of your contract.


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Second year of contract

If royalties apply, you'll start to set-aside money from net sales after the first year. You'll send this money to the buyers on a quarterly basis. Near the close of the second year, you'll set a date for buyback within the next 12 months. On that date, you'll pay the buyer back the sign-up fee in either cash or equity.


What we need from you

Our main requirements is that you have an explosive product, technology or service, and that value will be created by ILO holders. We need certain things from you to demonstrate this such as company financial details, market financials and statistics. Our sign up process autosaves your progress so you can start now and fill in details when you’re ready.