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Funded Global Pte Ltd



We The People is a global startup accelerator platform focusing on marketing successfully crowdfunded innovations. Offering startups distribution through the platform's one-of-kind global retail stores supported by on-line sales, LiveFunding support, and access to the For Creators By Creators network in exchange for equity and/or exclusives on products.

WTP Collaborative System's Pillars of Success

Omni-channel Retail & B2B Sales -

Products are sold through retail stores, online stores, promotional events and to corporates. We specialize in testing different marketplaces and exceeding expectations with sales.

WTP Branded Products -

We The People's team are creators looking for opportunities to launch new ground-breaking innovations on crowdfunding platforms globally. WTP is collaborating with CONFLOW POWER a fellow ILO company to apply CONFLOW's battery-based generator to the development of WTP power banks to charge phones, tablets, and laptops from the atmosphere using this self charging technology.

WTP Education -

WTP develops long term relationships with creators by sponsoring creator forums and collaborating with universities and government to train young creators on crowdfunding, manufacturing, and distribution. Ensuring brand positioning in the long term.


A platform for creators to become thought-leaders and for the public to learn how to use crowdfunding. This creates a community that grows exponentially while expanding a creator ecosystem organized and promoted by We The People.

Livefunding -

A new crowdfunding service that gives crowdfunding creators a new channel of fundraising.

Crowdfunding & Launch Services -

Diversification is key, the provision of related services ensures a steady stream of revenue.

  • Campaign consultation & execution
  • Campaign Audits
  • Press release writing & Media dissemination
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Campaign Fulfillment
  • Livefunding
  • New Market Penetration

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Funded Global Pte Ltd Revenues

Our projected revenues are as follows:

Royalty Pot

25th September 2019 onwards : 10%

31st December 2019

We The People Branded Power Banks Launched

Funded Global intends to launch products under the We The People brand through crowdfunding platforms. We The People has built relationships with Crowdfunding platforms globally and intends to raise capital for products through platforms in the USA, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. In addition, to using their LiveFunding program in We The People stores to promote crowdfunding campaigns.

We The People's first product line launched will utilize the CONFLOW battery-based generator technology to create self-charging power banks Funded Global is entering into a license agreement with CONFLOW to launch its first product utilizing this ground breaking technology that draws power from the atmosphere. We The People will launch a line of Power Banks using this self-charging technology.

Sept 2019 - Enter into a license agreement with CONFLOW to be the first licensee
Sept to Dec 2019 - Complete testing and safety certifications.
Jan to Mar 2020 - Launch crowdfunding campaigns on platforms in the USA.
Apr to June - Launch on platforms in Korea and Singapore

1st September 2019

License Southeast Asian Countries: Malaysia

Secure License Agreements for a joint venture partner to develop the business in Southeast Asian countries and open stores and market products.

Dec 2018 - Grand Opening of Store Kuala Lumpur
Currently Operational and paying royalties to Funded Global

1st September 2019

Plan and Negotiate store for the Mall of Americas

Plan a store in Mall of Americas, Minneapolis, MN to promote the "We The People" brand in premier tourism and shopping destination in the USA.

Sept 2019 - Enter negotiations for Lease of Property
Apr 2020 - Prepare furnishings
Apr 2020 - Build out store property
May 2020 - Open and train staff
June 2020 - Store Grand Opening

1st September 2019

San Francisco (Silicone Valley) Store

Open a store in San Francisco/San Jose area of Silicone Valley to promote the "We The People" brand in the innovation center of the USA.

Aug 2019 - Enter into a lease agreement
Jan 2020 - Prepare furnishings
Jan 2020 - Build out store property
Feb 2020 - Open and train staff
March 2020 - Store Grand Opening

1st September 2019

Global Event Company

Partnered with Soozip of South Korea an experienced event company. SOOZIP is the largest designers' association in Korea, with over 2500 of registered designers. SOOZIP will launch the We The People brand and products through events at the Hyundai and Shinsagae department stores in Korea. ln addition, they will manage expansion into other Asian countries, including China and Japan.

August 2019 - Enter into a license agreement
August 2019 - Trained Staff and schedule events
Sept 2019 - Began holding events in South Korean high-end department stores and malls

1st March 2019

Launch Franchising USA

Franchise consultants worked with WTP to prepare all of the Franchise documents and regulatory filings for franchising in the USA. All documentation has been completed.

April 2020 - Upon opening planned flagship stores in Silicone Valley California and Minneapolis Minnesota; thereby building the brand recognition WTP will begin promoting franchises in Texas, North Carolina, California, New York, Georgia, Illinois, and Hawaii for the Summer of 2020.

1st November 2018

St. Louis Store & Training Center

A model store and training center has be opened in St. Louis, Missouri for the purpose of establishing a "We The People" brand presence in the USA, setting up a model store centrally in the USA for use in training franchisees on store operations, and for administration of the franchise logistics in the USA.

The St. Louis store at West County Center mall is being used test reception to products and the sales concept in the US and to manage and operate our on-line presence and distribution for the platform.

Nov 2019 - Feb 2019 - Operated Pop Up Store
March 2 2019 - Grand Opening of Store
Operating Currently


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CONTACT | Funded Global Pte Ltd

Funded Global Pte Ltd

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In addition to paying you a royalty, at the end of the 3rd year we can choose to offer the license holders to extend the license for another 3 years, convert it to equity should we advance enough to take a public listing on a stock exchange, or buy the ILO back for cash.