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Magnum Mining Inc.



Magnum Water Mining is focused on processing contaminated water coming up deep in the earth for two reasons:
1. To solve the huge and growing frac waste water disposal and drought problems
2. To extract, aggregate and sell precious metals, minerals and other materials in the frack water coming up from 1-3 miles deep

Magnum Water Mining Operations

Magnum Water Mining processes water from deep earth sources and contaminated surface water to produce fresh water and mineral extraction.

Some water is coming up from 3 miles deep and contains valuable minerals including gold, platinum, rare earth elements and other materials.

The technology for extracting particles of valuable minerals from water has been elusive until now with a unique patented process

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Magnum Mining Inc. Revenues

Our projected revenues are as follows:

Royalty Pot

30th October 2018 onwards : 10%

30th December 2019

Major Water Production

West Texas if desperate for fresh water. Expect to be major water source wihin a year.

30th June 2019

Major Metals extraction

Expect to be processing all 5 million gallons per day for extraction of precious metals.

30th April 2019

Major Water Produciton

Site takes in 2.5 million gallons of contaminated water daily. 5 Million possible with larger processing plant February.

31st January 2019

Major Mineral Extraction

8 valuable materials in this first water site. In January expanding processing to hundreds of thousands dollars extracted daily.

27th December 2018

Water/Minerals Processing

Have 99-year lease on water site with 2.5 Million gallons of deep water coming in daily.


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CONTACT | Magnum Mining Inc.

Magnum Mining Inc.

2082 Barrington Avenue SE, Salem, Oregon,  97302